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About Us

Interstate Steel & Metals began in a field under an old tin roof with two employees, Greg Moore & Bill Riley. Their niche' was to sell to the public and the smaller companies, an area where the bigger steel suppliers didn't want to go. Their vision was to grow with their customers.

Interstate Steel is no longer under that little tin roof. However, it is still located in Tulsa, OK. ISM now owns an 87,000 square ft. warehouse, on 10 acres.

We have acquired all the tools needed to take care of our customers. Today, Interstate Steel operates effectively & efficiently. ISM strives for excellence in all areas from sales to shipping to receiving, and all the way to your accounts payables department.

We take as much pride in our customers as we do our employees.  Like our employees, most of our customers seem to last.

We know our future lies on making our customers happy.

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